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oase-logo-2.jpg (16839 octets) Strata-fuser Floating Sub-Surface Aerator
(available in 1/2hp, 1hp, and 2hp)

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Application:    Features and Benefits:
The Strata-fuser System was originally designed for and has been extremely successful in the harshest applications such as Industrial and Wastewater Treatment, retention ponds etc.-

Natural Aerobic & Anaerobic Cycles.

Left untreated the water in a pond stratifies into layers. The topmost layer is home to aerobic bacteria which digest organic matter, producing harmless carbon dioxide as waste. The lower layers and primarily the bottom layer, however, is occupied by anaerobic bacteria, which produce a variety of unwanted odour-causing compounds. Known as the anaerobic zone, these lower layers are the source of pond odour problems.

The Sense Behind the System.
OASE’s "Top to Bottom" patented system approach makes perfect sense. Unlike typical compressed air methods which expend a great deal of energy forcing air into a body of water, the Strata-fuser System extracts the water, pressurizes it, infuses it with air, and returns the oxygenated water to the bottom of the pond, inducing unilateral circulation and aeration with significantly less energy, maintenance and cost. The first stage of the system is a reliable OASE pump suspended directly below the floatation device. The pump pulls water from the lower layers of the pond and delivers it to the system’s second stage: strategically located high-efficiency injectors. With no moving parts to break or wear out, these dependable injectors use the venturi principle to infuse the water with air or even concentrated oxygen. Under pressure the gas breaks into a fine dispersion of micro bubbles directed back to the bottom layers of the pond via patented “Strata-fuser Nozzles,” creating a total circulation system that encompasses an incredibly wide area. The result is a level of complete aeration unmatched by other methods.

3 year warranty !

How to determine the proper size:  Pump cable   

Strata-fuser                 HP

1/2 1 2
Voltage-60HZ                120V 230V 230V
Power consumption (watts)








Oxygen per hour  (pounds)




Ground Fault Protection (amps)




Water depth (feet)   3   3 4
Lighting cable lengths (ft)




Power cable lengths  (ft.)

     up to 600 feet  

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Strat-fuser (with cable) but without quick-
disconnect for pump cable:
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Strat-fuser (without cable) but with quick-
disconnect for pump cable:
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Pump cable:  Sizing of pump cable:
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Quick disconnects and floats
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