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oase-logo-2.jpg (16839 octets) Pond Jet 2400

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For medium ponds and fountains-

The Pond Jet is powered by the Atlantis 150 Pump incorporating the time tested Asynchronous Technology. The unique floating system allows the pump to remain just below the surface of the water where the water is free from debris. Changing water depth, uneven pond floor and many other problems virtually go away. Simply float the unit into the pond or pool and it does the rest. The Pond Jet comes standard with an Arch Nozzle and is particularly fascinating when illuminated at night. The Pond Jet has an optional 3 Light Set to create a perfect illumination of the water feature. In addition the Pond Jet is equipped with the proper grounding mechanism to provide maximum safety, meeting all National Electrical Code requirements.

3 year warranty ! 
Accessory: 3 Light Set

Pond Jet 2400
Voltage                                           120V/60 Hz
Power consumption (watt) 260
Flow rate (Max Gph) 2400
Head (ft.)


Spray Height (feet) 13
Spray Diameter (feet) 9
Weight (lbs.) 19.8

Power cable length (ft.)


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Available accessories:
Please visit our warehouse for guaranteed lowest prices.