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11451 St-Catherine Street East, Suite 102 (corner of Marien Ave.)
Montreal-East  (Quebec)  HIB  5W7
Tel: (514) 645-4310   Fax: (514) 645-1118


Club Irrigation warrants to its Customers that it will not give, sell, trade or exchange with or to a third party 
(other than to our Bank, for the purpose of credit card approvals ) any information received on any Customers as a result of visiting or transacting on this e-commerce web-site. Furthermore, Club Irrigation warrants that it has no knowledge nor has it authorized any programmer or employee to incorporate into this web-site any devices or programs in order to obtain additional information on Customers or Visitors to this site.

Club Irrigation warrants to its Customers that we maintain General Statistics on the number of visitors, times and dates visited, as well as other general information used by most e-commerce sites, for the sole purpose of making proper business decisions and for improving and upgrading our site.

Club Irrigation warrants to its Customers that we will retain your "e-mail address" for the sole purpose of advising you of new products, promotions, or specials in the future. However, before we implement any such system, we will give our Customers the opportunity to decide if they would like to be on our mailing list, and if not, we will delete your e-mail address from our system.

Club Irrigation cannot warrant that the above facts will apply when visiting LINKS from our web-site to a Manufacturer's web-site. For this reason we have almost no LINKS to other sites.

Club Irrigation cannot warrant the above will apply in a situation where it is required to disclose information as a result of a demand made by an authorized government authority, by a court order (for which we may be obligated to comply), or in the case of fraudulent credit cards received or as a result of any other illegal activity to which Club Irrigation may have been subjected to.  

Should you require any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us: 

Phone: (514-645-4310)

Fax:     (514-645-1118)

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We sincerely appreciate your Support and Trust.

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