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11451 St-Catherine Street East, Suite 102 (corner of Marien Ave.)
Montreal-East  (Quebec)  HIB  5W7
Tel: (514) 645-4310   Fax: (514) 645-1118

PRODUCT RETURNS & EXCHANGE                                                          For:
   Product Warranty Returns

Club Irrigation will allow our Customers to return most products found unsatisfactory within 15 days from the date of shipment, providing the products have been used only during a short test period and providing the original packaging (if applicable) is in good order. We understand that at times, a Customer may purchase an incorrect product such as a Pump that may not be the correct flow or pressure. Should this situation arise, we urge Customers to test the Pump for several minutes; if it appears to be inadequate, it should be removed, cleaned and placed in the original package (if applicable). We will be pleased to exchange or reimburse your purchase.

Please note that some items sold, such as Pond liner, Concrete Fountains, Floating Fountains, Commercial Fountains or other Custom Products
are excluded from our Returns Policy due to the nature of these items.

Should you have purchased a product which is unsatisfactory or simply want to exchange it for another one, please complete the information required in the "Product Returns & Exchange Form" ( link-below ) and forward it by e-mail ( within "15 days" of the date of shipment ) before returning the product.

Product returns & exchange form

Upon receipt of the form, we will e-mail a "Return Goods Authorization Number" which should be clearly indicated on your package. The package must be sent freight prepaid ( customer pays the freight ) to the address indicated on the form.

If the product is to be exchanged for another product, we will inform you of any price difference including freight and applicable taxes.

If you have returned the product for a refund, we will verify that the product and packaging (if applicable) are in good order and in accordance with our Product Returns Policy. Later we will advise you by e-mail that your Card has been credited accordingly.

Should you require other information concerning our Product Returns Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Be assured that you will receive our full co-operation.

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