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11451 St-Catherine Street East, Suite 102 (corner of Marien Ave.)
Montreal-East (Quebec) HIB  5W7
Tel: (514) 645-4310   Fax: (514) 645-1118


When people visit a web-site with the intent of making an online purchase, they want proof of the identity of the web-site owner. They also want to know that their personal information cannot be read by hackers. Club Irrigation through Instant SSL (a recognized Internet Certificate Authority that provides digital certificate products) is a registered holder of an ''Instant SSL Pro-Certificate'', which ensures that your business communications with Club Irrigation are protected using the strongest encryption available today (128 bit encryption). Club Irrigation also has a ''Trust Logo Website Identity Assurance Seal'' which validates our identity to customers by a trusted third party.

An ''Instant SSL Pro-Certificate'' allows older (typically non-US) browsers to bump up to (128 bit "strong") encryption, when accessing our site, ensuring that the highest level of encryption available, is maintained.

Most SSL Web Server Certificates on the market are dependant on the browsers that log onto the web sites. The principle of lowest common denominator is used: If the browser is only capable of 40 bit encryption (as is the case with many non-US browsers) then the communication between browser and server will only ever take place at 40-bit - regardless of whether the server has a 40 or 128-bit SSL certificate. This is NOT true for an ''Instant SSL Pro-Certificate'' which allows 40-bit browsers to increase their encryption strength to 128-bit for the duration of the session.

In order for Customers to have the encryption strength to128-bit, Customers need to be using Internet Explorer 5.01, Netscape Communicator 4.7 or later browsers.  

If for some reason you would prefer not to have your Credit Card information given on-line, arrangements can be made with us, to pay by check (before shipment)
For your added protection, we do not process your credit card directly on-line, but through a secure credit card terminal.

Should you require any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us: 

Phone: (514-645-4310)

Fax:     (514-645-1118)

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We sincerely appreciate your Support and Trust.

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