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oase-logo-2.jpg (16839 octets) AQUARIUS 2000
(maximum 2000 gallons per hour)

aquar_900-pump.jpg (5442 octets)

For waterfalls, 1'' fountain nozzles and filters-

The highly acclaimed FIS (Flexible Impeller System) incorporated in this pump insures high performance with very low power consumption. The principle behind the FIS system is to prevent the pump from running in reverse. This is a common problem in competitive units and has a serious impact on performance levels. In addition the Aquarius Series pumps are equipped with the proper grounding mechanism to provide maximum safety, meeting all National Electrical Code requirements. The pump is also equipped with a thermal cut off as well as a removable pre-filter housing unit for easy maintenance.

Approved for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Includes swivel joint and flow diverter (allows for multiple outlets and flow controls in any direction).

Height:  6.8"
Length:  9.2"

5 year warranty !

Aquarius 2000
Voltage                         120V/60 Hz
Power consumption (watt)


Flow rate (Max Gph)


Head (ft.)


Outlet size (in.)


Strainer size (sq. in.)


Weight (lbs.)


Power cable length (ft.)


Pump Performance Chart

Head (Feet)

Gallons Per Hour

@   4 1650gph
@   5 1270gph
 @  13 160gph
- -
- -
- -
- -

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