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Utilized by professionals for over 25 years

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Hydroplan pond liner can be used for small ponds or larger projects such as lakes, streams, natural swimming pools as well as for many other applications including fountains. Available in 0.50mm and 1.00mm thickness, the standard widths available are 6.5 ft., 13 ft., 19.5 ft. and 26 ft. Custom and specialty sizes are available on request. This superior quality liner carries a 20 year warranty on the 0.50mm and a 25 year warranty on the1.00mm. Hydroplan contains no toxic materials which can affect plants or fish. It's unique natural olive green color helps to reduce water temperature as it absorbs less heat than darker pond liners. A glossy finish on the top-side helps reduce the build-up of algae on the liner. This professional pond liner with a proven track record of over twenty-five years, has been used by many professional contractors, municipalities and home owners on projects exceeding 35,000 square feet. Hydroplan's is manufactured with the highest quality resins, guaranteeing a high consistency of properties and optimum durability. Tensile strength, resistance to swelling, rotting and ageing, or to cracking in cold weather are among some of Hydroplan's many features. Hydroplan's unique olive-green color gives a natural turquoise color to the water.

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