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Advantages of Magnetic- Drive Pumps

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  • Have only one moving part, a magnetic rotor

  • Are Oil-free, eliminating the risk of contamination to aquatic life

  • Cannot run in improper direction, ensuring maximum efficiency

  • Are generally maintenance free

  • Have a longer useful life than conventional pumps as the magnetic rotor and impeller can be replaced

  • Are designed for continuous operation, non-stop running

  • The magnetic rotor and impeller can be removed for cleaning

  • No seals to wear out or to replace

  • Their low friction increases the life and efficiency of the pump

  • They have a high output at low energy use

  • Can reduce energy consumption from 50% to 85% versus conventional pumps

  • The energy saved over three to four years can equal the original cost of the pump

Storing Your Pump For the Winter