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The Oase Nautilus series submersible centrifugal pumps are designed specifically for smaller fountain and residential applications .Designed specifically for high energy efficiency,
the Nautilus series pumps can save hundreds of dollars
annually in power consumption. Three sizes are currently offered from 70 watt through 260 watt, 110volt or 220volt,
with flow rates up to 45 GPM. The Oase Nautilus pumps can be speed controlled using standard "chopper " style light dimmers. When used with lighting controllers, the Nautilus pump is an inexpensive alternative to control valves in animated or
musical fountains

All Nautilus pumps are constructed of glass filled polypropylene, with stainless steel motor housings. The motors are oil-less and incorporate ceramic bearings. Oase Pumps &Fountains has a staff of experts trained and experienced in practical and technical engineering problems and are capable of designing and building the finest in submersible pump equipment. Our exacting standards of highest-quality materials, engineering, inspection, and testing are your assurance that the Oase Nautilus pump will deliver dependable performance for your application.

Pump Performance Chart: 

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  Technical description:

  • Standard sizes from 70 watt to 260 watt
  • Available in single phase only, 110 volt or 220 volt, 60Hz standard, 50Hz available (for 50Hz operation, de-rate the pump curves approximately 20%). Cord length is 20 ' standard. For longer runs, please use the submersible junction box
    Discharge is a radial 1 " male BSP threads.

  • The NFPA NEC (National Electrical Code )Article 680 (Fountains) limits submersible pumps to 300 volt or less operation and requires a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI or GFI) listed for personnel protection be installed. For this reason, we don't offer any submersible pump for distribution with an input power higher than 240 volts.
    Provide proper GFCI protection on installation.