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Storing the Pump for the Winter


Whether you have a Magnet-Drive Pump or not, it is suggested that in order to prolong the useful life of the pump, it be stored over the winter in a container of water in an area that will not freeze. However, if your pond exceeds about 30 inches or more in depth, you may probably be able to leave your pump in the pond throughout the winter months without any damage occurring.  Leaving the pump in water on a continuous basis will ensure that any gaskets, seals and electrical connections will not dry when the pump is not in use.

Magnet-Drive Pumps in particular, should always be kept in water when not in use. This ensures that the magnetic rotor and impeller do not become clogged. The residue of algae, slime and dirt remaining in the pump will dry and harden over time and prevent the magnetic rotor and impeller from operating freely in spring. Chances are, they will be damaged and need to be replaced.

Advantages of Magnetic-Drive Pumps