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cyprio_logo.gif (3193 octets) TITAN 2650 Pump
(maximum 2650 gallons per hour)

Application:    See a larger photo:
For waterfalls, streams and filters-

This oil-free magnetic drive pump has only one moving part, a rotating impeller, providing unparallel performance with low running costs. This larger pump uses a heavy duty, asynchronous motor with stainless steel rotor sleeve to increase magnetic coupling for maximum performance. All Titan pumps have unidirectional rotation to increase pumping efficiency with open impellers to provide the solids handling capability. Titan pumps are unique in using TRF protection to prevent motor damage and use ceramic shafts and bearing to ensure maximum life. The Titan 2650 pump incorporates an anti-clog cage which allows pumping of solid particles up to 3/8" as well as a slide lever on the side of the pump to close the intake slot holes down to as little as 1/16" to ensure safety of small aquatic life. Large intake slots at the base of the pump are placed in order to ensure that solids are collected from the floor of the pond. The inclusion of a ball joint on the outlet makes routing of the hose along the bottom of the pond from the pump easy in any direction. A stepped hose-tail (3/4", 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2") is included for the discharge outlet. All Titan pumps have a thermal reset fuse that prevents motor damage.

Length: 12.75"
Width:   12.75"
Height:   7.55"

UL and CUL Approved

3 year warranty ! 

TITAN 2650
Voltage                         120V/60 Hz
Power consumption (watt) 190
Flow rate (Max Gph) 3500
Head (ft.)


Pump outlet size (in.)                 


Power cable length (ft.)


Weight (lbs.)


0Pump Performance Chart

Head (Feet)

Gallons Per Hour

 @   0 2650 gph
 @   2 2300 gph
 @   3 2000 gph
 @   4 1800 gph
  @   5  1600 gph
  @   8 1000 gph
  @   10 600 gph
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